Stenberg Brothers...

The Soviet Stenberg brothers designed many film posters during the 20's and 30's. The brothers had a knowledge of avant-garde and theater design, and through influences in Constructivism and Futurism, developed a new style to poster art. It is clear to see their unqiue style has influenced poster art today.

1920's post-revolutionary Soviets loved film. The government supported the film industry with large fuding, and this allowed film makers to produce patroiotic movies for the masses, whilst using the extra funding to creat cutting-edge, avant-garde cinema as well.

Constructivism involves taking images from other sources, and reconstructing them in a different manner. This can be seen in their poster for 'The Man With the Movie Camera,' which gives an abstract image of the films narrative.

Constructivist's also empolyed strong geometric shapes, and were often asscioated with diagonals in their poster work. This can be seen in the poster for 'A Commonplace Story' as well as 'The Man With the Movie Camera.'

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