Genre comparisons...


Firstly colour scheme. There appears to be two colour schemes that run through the romance genre. In many of the older posters (pre1970) that I looked at, strong, passionate reds are used in combination with a substantial amount of white or black. However in modern posters, light-hearted, pastel colours have become popular, and are used along with black and white. Quite often through time the title of the film has been coloured red.

As the gun, or weapon is the reccuring motif in crime posters, a couple in some kind of embrace is in romance. Most of the posters I looked at featured the couple the story surrounds in a loving position, sometimes passionate, sometimes awkward- depending on the nature of the narrative. Often other smaller images are used around the main focus to develop our understanding, and create audience expectations. A few feature some sort of image with sexual connotations, be this through costume, props, or body position.

In most of the posters, star power is used as selling point. In most cases names are displayed at the top of the poster, however large images of the stars are also used. The majority of the posters feature a woman bigger than a man. What I mean by this is that composition is used to make the woman seem more dominant the man, this reflecting the target audience for the genre.

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