Genre comparisons...

Science Fiction:

The most common features of scifi through time are unnatural creatures and futuristic images. These are to be expected from the genre and reccur through many of the posters. Often futuristic, streamline images give an idea of the narrative, whilst if an unnatural creature is featured it is most commonly causing some threat or disruption to humans. These creatures can be anything from aliens, to prehistoric monsters as the genre has a wide scope.

The colour scheme- most prominent in pre 70’s posters- uses bright unnatural colours to express that they are something different, unusual, and not real. In some posters these colours are shown through typography, while in others they make up the whole background. Occasionally realist images are used which make the genre appear mre real, however these colours are used to contrast with this and hence convey the unatural. In later posters a darker colour scheme is used, and the genre appears to have become more gritty, and sinister. Space balck and blues often feature in the background, with the futuristic images in the fore.

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