I have now finished the designs for my book pages, and have begun to insert the text which is now back from my supervisor. Recently, due to having a substantial amount of work in my other college lessons, and these taking priority at present, I have been working less on my extended project than earlier in the college year. Thankfully this section of the project is quite straight forward and simple to undertake.

I plan to finish all the content for my book within the next couple of weeks, then look into getting my book produced in a professional way- one of the goals I set at the beginning of this project- most probably through an internet site, or perhaps a printing company, depending o their prices.



Complete! All my posters are now complete! As well as the initial six, my supervisor suggested that I develop a final poster to illustrate the modern day style of photography and digital effects. (Blogger is not happy uploading right now, so I will post all my designs later)

In all I am very pleased with my posters. The only issue I have is that I created all of them almost entirely in photoshop- a digital package- despite praising traditional design. I did have my reasons however; avoids issues with quality, allows me to edit and change easily, I am more able to use these files for the final book, and I can have backups. Perhaps my project proves that classic styles of poster art can be developed today with contemporary mediums, and thus these styles do not have to be a thing of the past, and may rise again.


(Note: These are copied and pasted over from a word document Blog, as Blogger has been inaccessible recently, and hence are back dated)

Today I have begun to develop the final pages for my book. With all my posters and research complete I just need to condense everything down into a suitable book format, retaining the importance of design throughout. I had decided on a layout in my mind right at the start of the project, and in truth this has stayed much the same. I wanted the informative pages about each decade to be the least dynamic, featuring simply around 300 words of information, and 20 or so posters, in a simple format, of which colour and text position varies page to page. The artist profiles I envisaged quite similar, featuring a little more attention to design, perhaps an interesting layout for their name, or something to distinguish from the decade pages- but these I will develop later. Finally my posters. I want to include some information on how my responses link to their artists and hence decided on a page next to each which houses this information. I think these should include a notable icon of the artists work portrayed in some interesting way, however I shall play about with these when I come to it, for now the decade pages are my priority.

My supervisor has been very kind in proof reading the proposed content for my book, and now with a few changes, it is a logical, clear, and interesting amount, easy to copy over to the pages I have been developing, as mentioned above.


Its been a while...

I haven't posted on here for such a long time initially due to internet problems getting me out of sync, then christmas only adding to this, but at least I have done a substantial amount of work since last.

I continued to progress in creating posters of my own; finishing responses to the Cuban designer Reborio, and the soviet Stenberg Brothers, as well as an illustrated poster in response to Bob Peak, and a photoshop response to Saul Bass. Two more posters are currently under development also: a Bill Gold (more specifically 'Barry Lyndon' (1971)) inspired piece, and a hand drawn response to Reynold Brown.

I have recently condensed my research to create the content for my book. I tried to include general information about the film industry, a little about design and social issues, and finish with a summary of poster art in the era. This text is currently being proof read by my supervisor.