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This week: ATTACK OF THE 50ft WOMAN (1958)

Designer: Reynold Brown

Source: http://uk.movieposter.com/poster/b70-373/Attack_of_the_50_Foot_Woman.html

This is an iconic film poster of the late 50's. The artist, Reynold Brown, has a individual style which can be seen across a number of film posters that he has created. The design captures 50's sci-fi superbly, it is one of many creature features of the time. It is a detailed illustration bought out so well by the bold yellow background. I really like this piece as I feel it is a great representation of the artwork typical to the time and genre. This illustrative technique is not seen so often in film posters today, and hence the poster does not stand the test of time. It seems the piece mixes 1940's pinup with 1950's sci-fi, creating an all round intriguing (though slightly cheesy) poster.

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