(Note: These are copied and pasted over from a word document Blog, as Blogger has been inaccessible recently, and hence are back dated)

Today I have begun to develop the final pages for my book. With all my posters and research complete I just need to condense everything down into a suitable book format, retaining the importance of design throughout. I had decided on a layout in my mind right at the start of the project, and in truth this has stayed much the same. I wanted the informative pages about each decade to be the least dynamic, featuring simply around 300 words of information, and 20 or so posters, in a simple format, of which colour and text position varies page to page. The artist profiles I envisaged quite similar, featuring a little more attention to design, perhaps an interesting layout for their name, or something to distinguish from the decade pages- but these I will develop later. Finally my posters. I want to include some information on how my responses link to their artists and hence decided on a page next to each which houses this information. I think these should include a notable icon of the artists work portrayed in some interesting way, however I shall play about with these when I come to it, for now the decade pages are my priority.

My supervisor has been very kind in proof reading the proposed content for my book, and now with a few changes, it is a logical, clear, and interesting amount, easy to copy over to the pages I have been developing, as mentioned above.

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