Its been a while...

I haven't posted on here for such a long time initially due to internet problems getting me out of sync, then christmas only adding to this, but at least I have done a substantial amount of work since last.

I continued to progress in creating posters of my own; finishing responses to the Cuban designer Reborio, and the soviet Stenberg Brothers, as well as an illustrated poster in response to Bob Peak, and a photoshop response to Saul Bass. Two more posters are currently under development also: a Bill Gold (more specifically 'Barry Lyndon' (1971)) inspired piece, and a hand drawn response to Reynold Brown.

I have recently condensed my research to create the content for my book. I tried to include general information about the film industry, a little about design and social issues, and finish with a summary of poster art in the era. This text is currently being proof read by my supervisor.

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