Ok, here goes...

I joined the Extended project late as I only just decided on doing it so I'm going to have to back date some of the things I have done...

Way back in July-

I have decided on taking an EP at college next year. I want to combine Media and Graphics when I do this and do something which involves film posters and being creative

After speaking to all the clever people and those in charge of the EPQ I have decided on making a book! This will be full of film posters through time and will also include some of my own designs. I think it will work best if I look at decades of this century, collect some notable posters and make my own which suits the era.

My supervisor recommends that I include some written information in this book which looks at design and cultural aspects of each era, but other than that she is keen on the idea.

August begins-

Its the summer holidays now, but there is no rest! I have begun some general, quite laid back research into film posters. This has been pretty interesting and I have found some really interesting designs from over the years, as well as some information about the film industry.

That pretty much brings me back to now, I'm currently continuing to research, I have had a look in my local libraries for relevant books, but all are pretty pants and I haven't found anything useful. On Thursday though I am going to the Movieum in London and hopefull this will be of some relevance.

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